Saturday, December 29, 2007

Good Conversation is Fun

Some of my best moments are in text form
SonofMikado is me.

Names have been changed and blotted out to protect the innocent

[23:26] SonofMikado: gah, so many emo kid "writers" on Deviantart
[23:26] SonofMikado: guah
[23:26] *Randompersoniknow*: lol
[23:27] SonofMikado: its frustrating
[23:27] SonofMikado: all their stories are like:
[23:27] SonofMikado: Boy meets girl
[23:27] SonofMikado: girl likes boy
[23:27] SonofMikado: boy likes girl
[23:27] SonofMikado: girl's parents divorce
[23:28] SonofMikado: girl kills her self
[23:28] SonofMikado: boy shoots half the football team
[23:28] SonofMikado: boy kills self
[23:28] SonofMikado: the end
[23:29] *Randompersoniknow*: not very creative
[23:29] SonofMikado: and im like "oh my fucking christ, that has been done sooooo many fucking times!"
[23:29] SonofMikado: i know
[23:29] SonofMikado: like
[23:29] SonofMikado: a real "sad" story would be like:
[23:29] SonofMikado: boy meets girl
[23:29] SonofMikado: girl has brother with down syndrome
[23:30] SonofMikado: boy has alcoholoic father who is cheating on his wife with a cheerleader from boy's high school
[23:31] SonofMikado: lol
[23:31] *Randompersoniknow*: ...that's just twisted
[23:31] SonofMikado: yeah but thats the problem with the emo kids
[23:32] SonofMikado: they cant think outside of themselves
[23:32] SonofMikado: and thats why the stories are so linear
[23:32] *Randompersoniknow*: true
[23:32] SonofMikado: tragety comes from all angles
[23:33] SonofMikado: gah, my spelling
[23:33] *Randompersoniknow*: lol
[23:34] SonofMikado: oh and also, in those stories the couples allways die
[23:34] SonofMikado: allways
[23:35] *Randompersoniknow*: yea one day there will be a story where the girl kills herself and the guy moves on with his life
[23:35] SonofMikado: and they think they are so damned smart when they kill of important characters
[23:35] SonofMikado: but it strikes no emotions that way
[23:36] SonofMikado: kill off a main character and its like "damn........oh well what happens next?"
[23:36] SonofMikado: like,
[23:36] SonofMikado: Deathly Hallows
[23:36] SonofMikado: which death was the most tragic in that whole story?
[23:37] *Randompersoniknow*: dobby
[23:37] SonofMikado: EXACTLY!
[23:37] SonofMikado: because that came out of fucking nowhere
[23:37] *Randompersoniknow*: it really did
[23:37] SonofMikado: of all the characters to die, Dobby the motherfucking house elf
[23:38] SonofMikado: THATS how you tell a story
[23:38] SonofMikado: but none of those kids understand that at all
[23:38] SonofMikado: like, in the story i outlined earlier,
[23:39] SonofMikado: it would be tragic if the girl kills her self,
[23:39] SonofMikado: but it would be more tragic if the girls mentally challenged brother die's in some way
[23:40] SonofMikado: because, he did nothing to anybody
[23:40] SonofMikado: and when you read it you go "holy hell? why him!?
[23:40] SonofMikado: "
[23:40] SonofMikado: heh
[23:41] SonofMikado: and you would read the page several times just to make sure you didn't misread it
[23:41] *Randompersoniknow*: you're right
[23:42] SonofMikado: sorry, im like ranting
[23:42] SonofMikado: lol
[23:42] SonofMikado: those kids kinda pissed me off
[23:42] SonofMikado: :D
[23:42] *Randompersoniknow*: when don't you rant?
[23:42] SonofMikado: hah god, that so true
[23:43] SonofMikado: but see, i have and advantage over most other people who rant
[23:43] SonofMikado: i know exactly what the fuck i am talking about
[23:44] *Randompersoniknow*: that is true...most of the time hahaha
[23:44] SonofMikado: haha
[23:46] SonofMikado: but yeah, those kids writing "tragic" stories have no fucking clue
[23:46] SonofMikado: those stories are about as tragic as a lifetime movie
[23:47] *Randompersoniknow*: hey! those lifetime movies suck you in!
[23:47] SonofMikado: yeah
[23:47] SonofMikado: if you are a woman
[23:48] SonofMikado: who is suckered in to flat romance
[23:48] SonofMikado: HORRIDLY FLAT romace
[23:48] SonofMikado: *romance
[23:49] SonofMikado: :D
[23:49] SonofMikado: *braces for impact*
[23:49] *Randompersoniknow*: hush you...those lifetime movies suck..but after 5 min of watching you need to know what happens next
[23:49] SonofMikado: haha
[23:49] SonofMikado: dude, after five minutes i know how its going to end!
[23:49] SonofMikado: lol
[23:50] SonofMikado: ok, lifetime movie in a nutshell
[23:51] *Randompersoniknow*: well duh! but still...they suck females in!!!
[23:51] SonofMikado: which says alot about females
[23:51] SonofMikado: *rimshot*
[23:51] SonofMikado: i kid i kid
[23:51] SonofMikado: but anywhoo
[23:51] SonofMikado: there is allways a mother
[23:51] SonofMikado: probably middleaged
[23:52] SonofMikado: her daughters a whore
[23:52] SonofMikado: and her husband is some random dirtbag
[23:52] *Randompersoniknow*: know what? i'm about to block you
[23:52] SonofMikado: lol
[23:52] SonofMikado: im sorry :D
[23:53] *Randompersoniknow*: no you're right about lifetime
[23:53] *Randompersoniknow*: but you don't need to tell me
[23:53] SonofMikado: oh and every other male character is a child molester
[23:53] SonofMikado: lol
[23:53] SonofMikado: ok now im done
[23:54] SonofMikado: but yeah, flat flat flat flat flat romance
[23:54] SonofMikado: hate it
[23:54] *Randompersoniknow*: it's still romance
[23:54] *Randompersoniknow*: that's all girls care about
[23:55] SonofMikado: yeah but its horribly unimaginative, flat, kinda hearless romance
[23:55] SonofMikado: the characters only love eachother because the script says so
[23:55] *Randompersoniknow*: ....i'm tempted to block you like in 5 seconds
[23:56] SonofMikado: what!!?
[23:56] *Randompersoniknow*: ...shush about lifetime movies
[23:57] SonofMikado: im just saying that when i see romance, i prefer the actual heartfelt, living, breathing kind
[23:57] SonofMikado: the kind that makes you uncomfortable as hell when you watch it, because its true in every way
[23:58] *Randompersoniknow*:'re such a girl
[23:58] SonofMikado: naw
[23:58] SonofMikado: if i was a girl i would settle for sappy crap like the notebook
[23:59] SonofMikado: i wouldnt apreciate the intricate love story woven into"Cinema Paradiso"
[23:59] SonofMikado: or the difficult as hell relationship in Four Eyed Monsters
[23:59] *Randompersoniknow*: becareful, if you keep thinking this way you might get your period
[23:59] SonofMikado: lol
[23:59] SonofMikado: right
[00:00] *Randompersoniknow*: don't say i didn't warn you when your penis falls off and you see a vagina instead
[00:00] SonofMikado: lol
[00:00] SonofMikado: hey I'm allowed to have emotions
[00:01] SonofMikado: im also allowed to apreciate and understand the horribly complex event of love
[00:01] SonofMikado: which makes me hate that canned romantic crap
[00:02] *Randompersoniknow*: ...........please say something manly just for my own sanity
[00:02] SonofMikado: XDDDDD
[00:02] *Randompersoniknow*: please?
[00:02] SonofMikado: er.
[00:04] SonofMikado: wood cutting is fun
[00:04] SonofMikado: and so is football
[00:04] *Randompersoniknow*: wood cutting???
[00:04] *Randompersoniknow*: the fuck???
[00:04] SonofMikado: how much manlier can you get than chopping fucking wood
[00:04] *Randompersoniknow*: there went my sanity
[00:05] *Randompersoniknow*: hope you're happy
[00:05] SonofMikado: ahah
[00:05] SonofMikado: when the fuck did you ever have it?
[00:05] SonofMikado: long as ive know you, you been riding first class on the crazy train
[00:05] *Randompersoniknow*: well the very little i had just went right out the window because of you and your gayness!!!
[00:05] SonofMikado: *known
[00:05] SonofMikado: gayness XD
[00:06] SonofMikado: im sorry, i'll just be all big tits and explosions from now on
[00:06] *Randompersoniknow*: only for a moment
[00:06] SonofMikado: so you can complain about me being a typical male douche
[00:06] *Randompersoniknow*: while i try to regain my sanity back
[00:07] SonofMikado: "w0000t footballl!!!! tits!!!!" "ugh. you are such a man....god"
[00:08]*Randompersoniknow*: sorry all this long weekend i had to watch romance movies because of my friends
[00:08] SonofMikado: "i like to watch the sunset sometimes" "what are you, GAY?"
[00:08] SonofMikado: XD
[00:08] *Randompersoniknow*: and all i wanted to watch was hot fuzz
[00:08] *Randompersoniknow*: ...but NOOOOOOOOOOo
[00:08] SonofMikado: haha
[00:08] *Randompersoniknow*: stupid girls
[00:08] SonofMikado: of course not
[00:09] SonofMikado: dude, its pretty much a well know fact that girls have a god awful taste in movie
[00:09] SonofMikado: *movies
[00:09] *Randompersoniknow*: ........are you saying i have horrible taste in movies?
[00:09] SonofMikado: how many chicks do you know who saw "Pans Labrynith"?
[00:09] *Randompersoniknow*: i did!!
[00:09] SonofMikado: besides you hun
[00:09] *Randompersoniknow*: i have it actually
[00:10] SonofMikado: besides you
[00:10] *Randompersoniknow*: roommate and my twin ***** want to see it...ok so my smart friends that are girls want to see itlol
[00:10] *Randompersoniknow*: the rest don't
[00:10] SonofMikado: righ
[00:11] SonofMikado: how many chicks do you know who saw "Step Up"?
[00:11] *Randompersoniknow*: everyone
[00:11] SonofMikado: case
[00:11] SonofMikado: in
[00:11] SonofMikado: point

Catching the Big Fish

"Ideas are like fish. If you want to catch the little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you've got to go deeper. Down deep, the fish are more powerful and pure, They're huge and abstract. And they're beautiful."
- David Lynch

Lately I have been having many creative outbursts. Hundreds of crazy ideas for characters, plot points, settings and music have been dancing around in my head but I've been having a hell of a time trying to get them out of my head and onto paper. Then in between these outbursts I will have no inspiration at all. This frustrated the hell of me,

so I bought this book:
This is a fantastic read, and it is fairly short so whenever I am in a rut I can read this whole thing over in one go.

David Lynch is truly an amazing person, and this book is a must read for any aspiring artist, in any field.

I am pretty inspired to continue writing.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yep, im still alive

Haven't posted in a while, mostly because I've been neglecting this blog for my deviantART and myspace pages. I haven't had the urge to write an honest to goodness blog lately.

So, things I have been doing lately:

I have been getting into Chiptunes lately. It a really neat way to make music. You can find the stuff I made here and here.

I've also been playing Super Mario Galaxy a lot since I got it Christmas. It's a super excellent platformer that is, in my opinion, on par with Super Mario 64 in many ways. Which is a great thing because my Wii is gonna get a lot of love while my Xbox 360 is away being repaired.

Other than that, nothing new.

Stay tuned for more musings.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Something has gone horribly wrong with my internet

I am currently writing this post with my cellphone (thank god for
moble gmail) because my phoneline has been horribly damaged by rain
and needs to be repaired. This weekend is gonna be teh suck

Friday, October 19, 2007

Back on track!.....sort of.

So a few awesome things have happened since the last post. I got a new phone. A Blackberry 7520. I bought it off of a friend of my mom for $100, so I'm pretty happy about it.

So since I have recovered my telephony device, I will get started on my Blog Talk Radio show, and this time I shall get SERIOUS! I will make direct posts about that show on my other blog :D, but for now I will just give a brief insight into what the blog is about.

I will be called Dauragon's Lair, and it will basically me cramming as much info and insight into the land of videogames, music, movies, and all things that are on or against the mainstream in a couple of hours. It should be a fantastically awesome show once it really gets rolling, but for now you will have to deal with me getting used to all of the controls and such.

So yeah, exciting times ahead!

Listening to: Nirvana - Come As You Are
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Monday, October 8, 2007

Ok......change of plan

So my plans of getting a new phone have failed horribly.

I ordered a new phone from Sprint for 170 bucks. I when it arrives, I call sprint, and they tell me that in order to activate my phone they would need to add 2 years to my contract. I tell them that they can shove this phone up their greedy anuses, hang up, and promptly call their return offices. The send me a package I can use to mail the phone back to them and I am in the process of sending it back (where hopefully it can find its home in some executives bum).

So yeah..........Fuck cellphones, I'm using Skype

Listening to: Deftones - Bored
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Friday, September 21, 2007

Lost my Phone

Buying a new one,

No blog talking until it arrives

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Things Will Pick Up Soon

I'm currently getting a bunch of things together, a lot of my artistic type ventures have fallen waaay WAAAAY behind, but I plan on updating a bunch of things. Look out for the Re-launch of my Blog Talk Radio show.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Deep Thoughts :D

Sometimes when I feel like killing someone, I do a little trick to calm myself down. I'll go over to the persons house and ring the doorbell. When the person comes to the door, I'm gone, but you know what I've left on the porch? A jack-o-lantern with a knife stuck in the side of it's head with a note that says "You." After that I usually feel a lot better, and no harm done.– Jack Handey

I do believe this is how I'm going to run my blog from now on

Monday, August 6, 2007

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Potter up for an award

I read an article recently that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is in for a literary award. As a rabid Harry Potter fan, I seriously hope that it does not get it (but of course it will).

Why you may ask?

because I am already tired of stuck up, pretentious, burnt out, jealous authors and literary critics (A.K.A authors who didn't make it) bitching about the books success and labeling Harry Potter as the "DEATH OF LITERATURE" for the past ten years. Unfortunately, winning an award will only make it worse.

Monday, July 30, 2007

My Favorite article about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


"Will Harry Potter return? I see the eighth book in the series coming out some time in the 2030s. Harry is balding, divorced, embittered. He has had it with Muggles, but is too old for Quidditch. He reflects on that first kiss with Cho Chang, and wishes it had led to something more.
I’m sure JK Rowling has it in her to write the definitive novel of midlife crisis."


Harry Potter and the Prenuptual Agreement :D

Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter, and my broken fandom

Amidst all of the Harry Potter mania that is unfolding as of late, I have some what of a startling announcement.

I have no desire to read the last Harry Potter book.........

"But Dauragon, you are the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world!" you might say.

"But Dauragon, you have been counting off the weeks, days and hours on your Griffindor watch! why don't you want to read book 7!!?" you might ask.

The answer to that is quite simple. The ending to the Harry Potter saga was ruined for me the day before it came out. I am not the only one, it seems, as many Potter fan's anticipation have been crushed since by people spamming the leaked ending all over the 4 corners of the internet. Gamefaq's, Youtube, DeviantArt, Myspace (the place where it was all spoiled for me), Digg, and pretty much any other website with some kind of user input have all been stuffed to the brim with spoilers. This is what happens when a series becomes a giant behemoth, with tons of hype and speculation surrounding it. Fans clamor to see it early, but when the mean spirited non-fans get their hands on the leaked copies, they find a sort of sadistic humor in spilling the beans in as many places as humanly possible.

In short, Harry Potter was ruined for me because it simply got to big. There was no possible way that the ending to something as massive as the Harry Potter franchise wouldn't be leaked, especially in this era of the information super highway. Its just a sad turn of events for me and many others, who have also spent the past ten years following Harry and gang through their many misadventures, only to be robbed of the personal satisfaction of finding out how it all ends.

I might still pick up a copy of Deathly Hallows in a few days, but at this instant, the thrill is gone........

Monday, July 16, 2007

I try not to make posts about trivial things but...


Anyone who hung around me senior year knows that I kept a ring sizer from the senior rings catalogue. Then towards the end of the summer it broke, and I put it away so I could fix it whenever I found some super glue. Midway through college I came across some super glue, but I couldn't find my ring! I just now found it in one the hundreds of hidden pockets in my computer bag. So yeah.... w00t, my ring is back and ready for some super glue!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Robots and Uncle Sam

Last night I saw transformers. It was quite the sight. I had a few gripes (Megatron being a super awesome fighter jet instead of a big ass gun, Michael Bay's infatuation with the shaky-cam), but all my complaints went out the window when I heard Peter Cullen's mighty voice say "Autobots, ROLL OUT!"

That was nerd heaven.

That being said, was it a faith full recreation of the toys and series?

Yes and no.

Was it an enjoyable summer movie?

Hell yes.

Happy 4th everyone :D

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


So I have begun work..... and it is weird. When you are slammed with a semi-important project on your first day of work, and bombarded with tons of incoherent paperwork on your second.......its really hard not to feel incompetent. I almost feel like I am not cut out for this position. It's nothing I cant handle, but I cant escape the fact that I feel like total dead weight, at least for now. Hopefully I will get my bearings soon, and I will understand exactly what I am doing. I will feel much more comfortable then.

On the bright side,


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'll Sneak Up and Hit You like A Fuckin' Tornado

My little sister has been 8 years old for a hour and a half now. :D

On to exciting things in my life. Yesterday, my ten page story was peer reviewed by my Intro to creative writing class, and it was very well received. I was surprised at the amount of positive feedback that it got. Like.....the good totally outweighed the bad. I couldn't believe it. Like, I've always fancied my self a good writer, but I never really received any commentary about it from my peers. So to hear seventeen people each point out several different things that they liked about the story, was very...awesome ^___^

On to the revision!!!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moving Onward!!!! :D

So the massive amount of planning begins soon. I want to work on at least 3 different projects over the summer:

1.) Mood experimentation, Video
I want to experiment with creating desired moods by using different kinds of lighting and music.. Details of this project are explained here.

2.) Mood experimentation, Photography
Same as above, but with a still camera.

3.) Mindless Self Indulgence
This my friends is a secret =D

It's gonna be a fun summer XD


Happy Birthday Mommy :D

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Beginning

The beginning. Well, thats a good place to start right? Of course it is, but that not where this blog will start. This blog will begin at the present moment. The damn near 1/4 mark of my life (given i live to be at least 80 of course). As I approached my 19th year, it dawned on me that there are many many parts of my life that I wanted to change, to edit, to rework. I realized that there is a major chunk of myself that needs to die. The old me. The pessimistic, angry, pissed off, depressed, explosive, seething, crying shell of a personality must be left in the past. I realized that my life wouldn't be able to continue smoothly if the dark, brooding weight of my earlier self continued to crush down on my shoulders. The old me had to go.

So I create this blog in commemoration of the emergence of a new Parris.

The old Parris, whom everyone knew and loved, is unfortunately gone.

The new Parris is slowing emerging from the ashes, like it or not.