Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Potter up for an award

I read an article recently that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is in for a literary award. As a rabid Harry Potter fan, I seriously hope that it does not get it (but of course it will).

Why you may ask?

because I am already tired of stuck up, pretentious, burnt out, jealous authors and literary critics (A.K.A authors who didn't make it) bitching about the books success and labeling Harry Potter as the "DEATH OF LITERATURE" for the past ten years. Unfortunately, winning an award will only make it worse.

Monday, July 30, 2007

My Favorite article about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


"Will Harry Potter return? I see the eighth book in the series coming out some time in the 2030s. Harry is balding, divorced, embittered. He has had it with Muggles, but is too old for Quidditch. He reflects on that first kiss with Cho Chang, and wishes it had led to something more.
I’m sure JK Rowling has it in her to write the definitive novel of midlife crisis."


Harry Potter and the Prenuptual Agreement :D

Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter, and my broken fandom

Amidst all of the Harry Potter mania that is unfolding as of late, I have some what of a startling announcement.

I have no desire to read the last Harry Potter book.........

"But Dauragon, you are the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world!" you might say.

"But Dauragon, you have been counting off the weeks, days and hours on your Griffindor watch! why don't you want to read book 7!!?" you might ask.

The answer to that is quite simple. The ending to the Harry Potter saga was ruined for me the day before it came out. I am not the only one, it seems, as many Potter fan's anticipation have been crushed since by people spamming the leaked ending all over the 4 corners of the internet. Gamefaq's, Youtube, DeviantArt, Myspace (the place where it was all spoiled for me), Digg, and pretty much any other website with some kind of user input have all been stuffed to the brim with spoilers. This is what happens when a series becomes a giant behemoth, with tons of hype and speculation surrounding it. Fans clamor to see it early, but when the mean spirited non-fans get their hands on the leaked copies, they find a sort of sadistic humor in spilling the beans in as many places as humanly possible.

In short, Harry Potter was ruined for me because it simply got to big. There was no possible way that the ending to something as massive as the Harry Potter franchise wouldn't be leaked, especially in this era of the information super highway. Its just a sad turn of events for me and many others, who have also spent the past ten years following Harry and gang through their many misadventures, only to be robbed of the personal satisfaction of finding out how it all ends.

I might still pick up a copy of Deathly Hallows in a few days, but at this instant, the thrill is gone........

Monday, July 16, 2007

I try not to make posts about trivial things but...


Anyone who hung around me senior year knows that I kept a ring sizer from the senior rings catalogue. Then towards the end of the summer it broke, and I put it away so I could fix it whenever I found some super glue. Midway through college I came across some super glue, but I couldn't find my ring! I just now found it in one the hundreds of hidden pockets in my computer bag. So yeah.... w00t, my ring is back and ready for some super glue!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Robots and Uncle Sam

Last night I saw transformers. It was quite the sight. I had a few gripes (Megatron being a super awesome fighter jet instead of a big ass gun, Michael Bay's infatuation with the shaky-cam), but all my complaints went out the window when I heard Peter Cullen's mighty voice say "Autobots, ROLL OUT!"

That was nerd heaven.

That being said, was it a faith full recreation of the toys and series?

Yes and no.

Was it an enjoyable summer movie?

Hell yes.

Happy 4th everyone :D