Monday, July 28, 2008

Fucking Kittens!

I have recently acquired two kittens and they are KYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE. The little buggers eat and poop like it's going out of style though O_O. They also keep me up at all times at night, but I love them to death!

They couldn't have wandered into my life at a better time. Right when I was getting ready to die from boredom and loneliness, these little fur balls come around and supply me with limitless duty and entertainment. Keeping them from running out of my room (my grandmother wants to make the rest of the house kitty safe first) is pretty much a full time job.

Alright so what have I been doing? Ahh thats right. MUSIC!

I'm currently kicking myself out of a musical drought by working on a small split album with fellow chiptune hombre, Big Chip. It will be raw, it will be nasty, and there will be lots of nekkid *bitches.

In terms of musical equipment, a few weeks ago I ordered and received an R4 flash cart for my Nintendo DS, which allows me to use all kinds of home brew programs on it. There are lots of really cool DS music programs out there!

I have also just now ordered a gameboy program called Nanoloop

So in the near future my musical set up shall be:

Experimentation is fun kids!

Untill next time,


* Dauragon does not endorse the use of the terms Bitches to describe people of the female gender in a derogatory manner. Don't hurt me ladies.