Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Beginning

The beginning. Well, thats a good place to start right? Of course it is, but that not where this blog will start. This blog will begin at the present moment. The damn near 1/4 mark of my life (given i live to be at least 80 of course). As I approached my 19th year, it dawned on me that there are many many parts of my life that I wanted to change, to edit, to rework. I realized that there is a major chunk of myself that needs to die. The old me. The pessimistic, angry, pissed off, depressed, explosive, seething, crying shell of a personality must be left in the past. I realized that my life wouldn't be able to continue smoothly if the dark, brooding weight of my earlier self continued to crush down on my shoulders. The old me had to go.

So I create this blog in commemoration of the emergence of a new Parris.

The old Parris, whom everyone knew and loved, is unfortunately gone.

The new Parris is slowing emerging from the ashes, like it or not.

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