Friday, January 11, 2008

Life is like a box of chocolates

So, like always, I am sitting in front of this computer when I damn well should be sleeping. Alas, sleep does not come easily for me. I lack what people would call an "off switch". My cranium, for better or worse, runs at full speed for around 22 hours out of 24 each day. You would think "well golly, that much make you one sharp block of cheddar!", but I'm not so sure if that is true. One thing is for sure it makes me more paranoid than a pothead at a traffic stop.

Anwhoo, apart from my sleeplessness, life has been turning out to be pretty great recently. My grandmother called me today (er......yesterday) and told me that the people whom I owe student loans from now recognize that I have transferred schools and they are no longer poised to rape me up the ass with a tire iron, and snatch my first born straight out of my future wife's womb. least not YET

I have been playing an ungodly amount of Halo 3 lately because of my recently acquired replacement Xbox I received from Microsoft (and an extra free month of Xbox live, THANKS MAJOR NEILSON!). So lets just run down the major differences between my old and new xbox.

My old xbox 360 was basically a portable room heater that just so happened to play games. Seriously, I would play Viva Pinata for 30 minutes and that bitch would be hot enough to cook an egg. So you could imagine how hot it would get whilst slaying hundreds of zombies at a time in Dead Rising. I'll give you a hint: SUPER FUCKING HOT. So hot, that it fell victim to the dreaded Red Ring of Death (or RROD to us geek types who love to abbreviate everything). For those who dont know, the Red Ring of Death is the slang term for red flashing led's that circle around the power button on an xbox 360. It's basically the xbox'es way of saying "OH FUCK!!! MY KIDNEYS!" and a cue for you to rue the day you spent 400 dollars on this machine. I worried not though, because Microsoft recognized that they make a major oopsee in the design process of the 360 and decided to set aside 1 billion dollars to repair (read: replace) peoples 360's free of charge. So I immediately went on to and made a request for a box (read: coffin) that I could ship my xbox away to magical repair land (read: giant furnace somewhere in texas) with. I shipped my xbox away, and lo and behold, several weeks later a brand spanking new xbox 360 was at my doorstep. This 360 has a HUGE heat sink (for the less technical types, a heat sink is pretty much a fat slab of metal that sits near the processor to suck up all the heat it generates) that you can see through the vents, and supposedly a smaller processor. All that matters to me is that this new system runs COOL. I recently played 4 straight hours of halo (I'm getting a job....I swear...), and my xbox didn't go a degree over a weee bit warm. It's amazing. Needless to say, I have been a happy camper as of late.

I guess thats enough geek-a-tude to last a few weeks, and I probably should sleep a bit.

Good day everyone. ;)


Lennart said...

Interesting stuff.

I thought you already had a job? ;P

Dauragon said...

That was only a summer job :D

I'm on the look out for a part time job now.

Sunny said...

OMFG- PLEASE don't get my hubby started on the X-BOX again.....(For the record tho- I want one as much as he does- simply to be able to get and play Dead Rising.)
I LOVE killing games that let me vent!!
ATM he's into WoW- but since we only have one computer I refuse to play because he plays when I'm at work and if I play too it takes up too much of our "together" time.(Been there-done that-with Second Life- and DON'T wanna go back!)
I cant wait to get another computer.

Jobs are SOOOOOO over-rated........paycheck is good tho....

Memoranda said...

How did you know I was thinking "well golly, that much make you one sharp block of cheddar!" ?!!!!!