Tuesday, January 8, 2008

another late night, another cup of coffee

Sometimes my mind wanders.

Drifts away to far away place.

A Place that isn't here.

A place where I am perfect.

Where I can please everyone.

Where life isn't so hard.

Where academics aren't everything.

Where student loans are paid off.

Where the caliber of my success is only limited by my imagination.

A place where I am not separated from the one I love.

A place where people believe in me.

But eventually,

It wanders back


Jessica said...

Just thought I'd give you props for your blog. It's interesting. Your caption under your profile photo pretty much captures most (if not all) of us. Has your life gotten any more meaningful since you started the blog??

Dauragon said...

It has, over the past several posts.

Getting feeback like your's lets me know that I am at least provoking thought from other people. That does make me feel like I am doing something good.