Friday, December 26, 2008


Quoth the Oliver on the subject of nanoloop 1.5 carts:

"Well, I planned to release 1.5 in early december..

The actual release, however, depends on the PCB manufactorer. The latest news is that they could not finish the new boards before their holiday and thus can not deliver before mid-january. But earlier this week they said they would now try to drill the holes in that unlucky first batch of PCBs, with a loss of accuracy though. The hole's size and exact position are not too critical, so chances are good that this original batch can be used. According to the manufactorer, it will be sent to me tomorrow so that it will arrive tuesday. Unfortunately, I'm going on holiday myself on wednesday, so that's too late for a december release already.

If the batch arriving tuesday is OK -> release around jan. 10th
If holes are not OK -> release in second half of january

This whole desaster teached me to never annouce even the vaguest release date again for future products."


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